The road race hosted by Zabalaza A.C. is one that, judging from the size of the field, definitely seems to be growing in popularity.  Natal Carbineers contributed 10 athletes to this year’s field.

Starting and finishing at the Cato Ridge Country Club, half-marathon athletes completed a 21.1km circuit, while the 10km race followed an “out and back ” format.

Much of the half-marathon circuit is run on the Comrades Marathon route, the areas of Cato Ridge, Camperdown and Umlaas Road being well known to runners and spectators alike.

I found the 21.1km route to be forgiving and fairly comfortable.   Even the infamous “hill with no name” in the Camperdown area was taken in stride. Comrades runners will know this hill on the outskirts of Camperdown well.  It reduces many Comrades runners to a walk and some to a crawl !

The Zabalaza 21.1 km offers runners the chance to attack this hill with mock bravado! (but just bear in mind that it awaits us all on the next “up run”)

In my opinion the refreshment tables were simple yet adequate, that is to say all the tables I passed or used were stocked with water and the firm favourite. …… Coke. The enthusiastic shouts of encouragement were a welcome bonus!

Natal Carbineers prize winners at the event included :

Trish Botton who was placed second in her age category for the 21.1km run.

Belinda Hope who was the second walker home in the 10km event.

Hearty congratulations to all !